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3rd grade part 2

Scripps Spelling Bee list
Fancy word for a big house
Another word for journey, especially on the ocean
Bigger than a state, smaller than a continent
Making clothes with two needles
Small piece of silverware for putting sugar in tea
Where my blood goes
Ready to use, ends with a "bl"
Another word for lightning, starts with the noise
Something no one can understand
How you got up the tree
Polite, like a knight
Servings of food
Mix of copper and tin, not quite brass
Place to stay, starts rhyming with dodge
Bigger than a hill
To give a higher rank
What no one wants to hear, rhymes with faints
Making noise by pushing air through my lips
Very big, rhymes with give
What I do so I don't fall
Put chairs and tables in a house
A path to another place that I can pass through
Cleaning clothes
Just, only, (doesn't sound very important)