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Chapter Three - Society and Culture in Provincial America

Someone who migrated to America for religious and commercial reasons
More ________ sex ratio in Chesapeake in the seventeenth century
One of the most frequent causes of a mother's death
Most commonly owned tool on American farms
One fourth of this group was made up of women who worked as domestic servants
Rebellion where 100 Africans rose up, seized weapons, killed several whites, attempted to escape to Florida
New Englanders believed in this power
Colony where number of African arrivals swelled more quickly than anywhere else
(a language) a hybrid of English and African tongues slaves used in South Carolina
Scottish Presbyterians who had settled in Northern Ireland in early seventeenth century
A person who assists a woman in childbirth (also referred to as a nurse)
Passing of all inherited property to the first born son
A word that describes something that is controlled by men
Earliest of the non-English European immigrants
A staple crop in South Carolina
An area known for the Rhineland of Southwest Germany
Known as the journey to America
Most extreme treatment used mostly by male doctors
Place where most blacks first spent their time
Trade route between West Indies, New England, and Africa
Codes that limited rights of blacks in law and ensured absolute authority to white masters
Slavers who dominated trade since the sixteenth century
Process where settlers developed immunity to the local diseases
Product that established itself as basis of economy in Chesapeake region