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Revolutionary War Crossword Puzzle

Helped with the surprise attack on on the soldiers.
Who was favored to win this war ?
A patriot milita led by _______ surprise attacked the soldiers
The Proclamation of 1763 changed ________ boundaries.
A joint force of _______ and Patriot attacked Savannah.
The Battle of Kettle Creek led to the Patriots _______ !
Leader of British
Issued in 1763 by King George
Proclamation of 1763 was declared by ________ ground
This attack was a dismal ___________ and Savannah remained under British control until 1782
What war does the French and Indian war lead too ?
The Battle of Kettle Creek broke the___________ in Georgia in 1779
Issued the Proclamation of 1763
In 1779, the second bloodiest battle of the American Revolution occurred in _________
A group of 700 _________ camped along Kettle Creek