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Biology (boiology) Vocabulary

Fight ya boi's diabetes
A protein produced in living cells
How much acidity ya boi has
A sugar that can't be broken down into a simpler sugar
What ya boi puts in his coffee
An organic compound with carboxyl and amino
What controls ya boi's cells
Another kind of nucleic acid, not DNA
When ya boi's monomers make a chain
A molecule present in living things
When just one of ya boi's is there, isn't a polymer
A chemical bond between two molecules
When ya boi is being detailed
A nitrogen containing the chemical properties of a base
Polywag + Pepto + Tide
That sweet stuff in ya boi's plants
Found in nuts, meat, and beans
An acid that needs to lose some weight
Get that insulin boi
When ya boi can't be dissolved
Get that genetic material boi
How hot or cold ya boi is
Where and enzyme binds to a protein
When ya boi gotta get big and strong with drugs
When ya boi's phospho is fat
Get that pasta boi
A hippy's favorite kind of molecule
The minimum amount of energy ya boi needs to have a specified reaction
When ya boi has the capacity to do somethings fast
A nucleus's favorite brand of detergent
What ya boi breathes
When ya boi goes to the dry cleaners to get their clothes fixed
Organic compound that is a fatty acid