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QUIZ: Cell Cycle & Mitosis

___________two hours per day a humans skin cell is in interphase.
What structure holds the duplicated chromosomes together?
The genetic material is located in the_________
The two new cells are called___________cells
Cell__________is a major thing happening to a cell during G1.
What is another name for mitosis?
A fertilized cell develops into a _________ organism during the cell cycle.
When cells are damaged during your lifetime they_________ be replaced
During interphase, the cell obtains _________
________ Fission is used by bacteria to divide and reproduce.
What follows the G2 phase?
In between divisions phase grouping
DNA___________in which the chromosomes of the cell are copied.
About _____% of cells are in interphase.
What part of the cell is divided during cytokinesis?
Genetic material is called_________
____________Phase, which the cell is replicating itself.
Event that take place in a eukaryotic cell
How often do human skin cells divide each day?
A cell that enters G-0 stage when it is mature?
___________ cells may spend decades in interphase instead of dividing.