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Plant ID (common names)

Evergreen, groundcover. Foliage shines a bronze color. Flower is most commonly purplish-blue.
Resembles spider, cascading wiry stems.
Firework shaped flower, usually blue.
Paint splattered leaves, shrub.
Not at true pine, considered a house plant. Branches droop with age.
Typer of fern. Needle-like foliage
Tree, heart-shaped leaf, purplish pea-like flower.
Tree, arrowhead shaped leaves, exfoliating(peely)bark.
Flowering plant, very waxy leaves, yellow center of flower.
Herbaceous perennial, large clasping leaves, type of lily.
Funnel shaped, white flower. Semi-global form.
Shrub, grows with an equal spread. Opposite arrangement of leaves.
Shrub, turns bright red with red berries in the fall and winter.
Multi-trunked, palm-like leaves. Has a samara as a fruit.
A tree, has 3 to 5 lobes, and turns red in fall.