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Vocabulary Set 2

Depressed; miserable. Causing gloom or depression; dreary. Feeling gloomy.
Disperse. Drive away. To cause to disappear
Outrageous; shocking. Well beyond the bounds of what is right or proper.
Sly, crafty, or clever.
The place to which a person or thing is going or is sent.
Absorb; captivate. To occupy the complete attention of someone.
A glowing piece of burning wood or coal.
Scorn or contempt. A feeling that someone or something is bad, worthless, or low.
Rubble or wreckage. The scattered remains of something broken, destroyed, or discarded.
Disregard. The act of defying; open resistance to an opposing force or authority.
Reduce or decrease. To make or become smaller or less.
To listen secretly to the private conversation of others.
Oppose. To do or say something against to something else.
Visible or known; to come forth.
Quick and skillful; adroit.