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Vocabulary Set 4

A small, rounded hill; dune.
Lingo. The specialized language of a trade, profession, or group of people.
Ramble, roam. To follow a winding and turning course.
Flexible, supple, bendable. Capable of being shaped or formed by pressing, hammering, or another forceful action.
Appear, emerge, happen, occur. To appear out of nowhere.
Chatter; babble. To talk rapidly and in a senseless manner.
Brilliant, radiant, lustrous. Giving off light; shining.
Repetitive, tedious. Dull because of being always the same.
Doubt, distrust. Feelings of doubt or concern.
Ignite, inflame. To build and start a fire. To arouse or excite a feeling.
Energy, power, strength. A quantity used to measure the motion of a body, equal to the product of its mass and velocity.
Hustle, scramble. To bump roughly against another person or thing.
Precise, accurate. Showing great concern for details.
Arrogant; haughty; overbearing; domineering.
Project. To extend sharply outward or upward.