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Jesus Christ gives us the sacrament 3 Ne. 18: 1-14

Book of Mormon Primary Lesson #34
BONUS: Why do we break the bread into pieces during the sacrament song instead of buying bread already in pieces? Breaking the bread symbolizes _____.
What did Jesus do with the bread?
What did Jesus ask his disciples to bring?
Who gets the sacrament second?
What does the water help us remember?
If you keep the commandments and take the sacrament, your testimony will be a ________
What does Jesus Christ promise us if we always remember him? His ________
Is taking the sacrament every Sunday a commandment?
What must a young man have before he can prepare, bless,or pass the sacrament?
When members of the Church partake of the sacrament, what are they witnessing to Heavenly Father?
Who do we covenant with when we take the sacrament?
After taking the bread, they were 'filled'. Filled with the __________
If you don't remember Jesus during the sacrament and think about your covenants, your testimony will be as the ________
Who gets the sacrament first?
When we take the sacrament, what does it represent to Heavenly Father?
What does the sacrament bread help us remember?
When we partake of the sacrament, which covenant do we remember and renew?
When we take the sacrament, we witness unto the Father that we are _______ to keep His commandments
What did Jesus ask his disciples to bring? 3 Ne 18:1