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Kind of sleepwear you wear.
If you didn't go to school how you might pronounce "take."
City you would find in Anguish for"Yeast Buy"
Wadaya tike me for, a ___?
Phrase that comes after "For you like this and the other/While I go for-- "
You say either, but I say this.
What Eliza is a prisoner of
What I'm afraid we'll never get.
What you might break if we should ever part.
By whom does Eliza get it? (Hint: Milton's father)
English city where "My Fair Lady" takes place
What now should be antique: "This _____"
Vegetables I like in addition to potatoes.
Fruit in "Let's Call the Whole thing Off" that rhymes with the capital of Cuba
What "Oodgay afternoonway" means in Pig Latin (then add the letter "E" cause Zeyde made a mistake
How the Scotch and Irish leave you.
Where Eliza is a prisoner.
How you might spell "potato" if you pronounced it differently.
Street in San Francisco which in Anguish would be "Burn it"
Character in "My Fair Lady" whose name rhymes with "snickering."
Where the rain in Spain stay (Galit's favorite line).
What Eliza could have done all night.
Once again where does it rain?
What we'll never get.
Character in "My Fair Lady" whose first and last name begin with the same letter.
Translate from Anguish from the song "Let's Call the Whole thing Off": "than wee mouse port"
Kind of clothes Eliza wears. (Hint: In Anguish it would be the same as Zeyde's REAL first name.)
Translate from Anguish "Wince a pan a dime"
Character in "My Fair Lady" whose initials are the same as a nickname for Edward.
Where "H's" are dropped
Where in addition to Hartford and Hereford hurricanes hardly happen.
One of the ice cream flavors mentioned in "Let's Call the Whole Thing off"
What we'd better call the calling off.
Kind of slimy non-Kosher food that can be pronounced two ways.
Along with "Garn" what keeps Eliza in her place.
Relative of Elijah's whose name would be Sadie in Anguish