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Science- Chapter 2

His mom is a nurse
One of the most common elements.
Two or more atoms bonded together
Last name of female coach
The opposite of Fernando
The study of of matter and how matter changes.
One of the mixtures
Ms. Cotrez favorite burrito
October 31st.
The basic building block of all elements.
One of the most common elements in the universe.
Jazmin's last name
Angel's last name
Jcselyn's middle name.
Needed to breathe.
Tribe that roam Yucatan Penisula
Our music teacher
An example of a non-metal
Name of our school
A measure of how hot or cold something is.
Is a single kid of matter that is pure.
Anything that has mass and takes up space
The amount of matter in an object.
Measure of the force of gravity on you
An example of a metal