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WWI: Notes Crossword

The process of gradually reducing the strength of something through sustained attack
The archduke of austria hungary that was assassinated in Serbia.
President of the US during WWI
A place created in Wilson's 14points where nationals could discuss issues instead of fighting
This act started the military draft
Extreme devotion to one's nation
African Americans began moving to northern cities to work for war factories
Type of warfare where armies dug trenches in order to protect themselves
Alliance that included Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire
More soldiers died from this disease than from combat
Longest battle in history lasting over 9 months
Alliance that included Great Britain, France, Russia (Later the US)
Belief that a nation should maintain a strong military in order to pursue its national interest
When strong nations extend political, military, or economic control over weaker territories
Ship sunk by german U-boats killing american civilians