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Cell and diffusion

First to call chambers, cells
Covers, protects and regulates materials in and out of a cell
Energy molecule made in the mitochondria
Allows certain particles to enter and leave the cell
Allows anything to enter and leave the cell
Redesigned the first microscope
Area between the cell membrane and the nuclear membrane
Folds inside mitochondria that add surface area
The bursting of a cell
Allows nothing to enter and leave a cell
Center of the nucleus that makes RNA and proteins
First to identify a nucleus
Animals are all made up of cells
Found inside chloroplast, where photosynthesis takes place
Plants are all made up of cells
More solute outside the cell membrane
Digests old and dead cells, cleans the cell.
Cells with membrane bound nucleus and organelles
Green pigment
Transportation highway that transports materials to the Golgi body
Holds chlorophyll pigment, in plants only
Protein rich substance inside the nucleus
Movement of water from high to low.
The shrinking of a cell
Center of cell that controls all activities
Energy used in diffusion
Substance found inside the cytoplasm area