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Elements of art Crossword

A type of line that is dashed.
An element of art that describes where objects are in relationship to other objects
An element of art. These can be straight, curved, wavy, looping and spiraling.
When a line goes from left to right and shows a horizon line.
The colors red, yellow and blue
When a line goes up and down.
An element of art. When a line connects with itself it creates a ____. These can be organic or geometric.
An element of art that describes a shape as 3 dimensional
Colors such as black, white, gray, brown, and tan.
The colors blue, green and purple
The colors green, purple and orange
An element of art. They come in families like warm and cool, primary and secondary.
An element of art; describes how the art might feel or looks like it might feel to the touch
The colors red, orange and yellow
The name of your favorite art teacher.
An element of art. This describes the lightness or darkness of a color. It shows light and shadows.