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7th Grade Science Extra Credit

                                                             Sam Peterson
In ocean outside coastal areas
Coastal waters
species in space through time
Interactions between organisms and environment
Nonliving condition or thing
Similarty of due to evolution
Organisms that near the seabed
Living and non living things
Community of plants and animals
Community evolving over time
The limit of population's growth
Marine organisms travel together freely
Diverse underwater ecosystems
Environment needed to live/reproduce
Organisms moving out population
Spread animals to new areaa
Group living in same area
Capable of reproducing fertile offspring
Specific area where organism inhabits
Where river flows into sea
Conditions that restricts population growth
Feeding relationships between organisms
Individuals belonging to same species
Organisms related predator-prey interactions
Movement of individuals into population
Living things that affecting population
Area between high tide/low tide
Movement from birthsite to breedingsite
Species becomes fitted to environment
Interaction organisms of different species
Organisms living surface layer water