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Plant and Animal Cells

Created by Michael Collet
Found in all cells, acts like a brain; it controls movement, eating and reproduction
Makes fats,steroids and breaks down sugars, found in both cells
Made up of thin tubes called microtubules, they form spindle fibers and are found in animal cells
It is a packaging organelle like ER, found in most cells, named for the scientist that discovered it.
Molecules made by Golgi, Found in both plant and animal cells
Found in animal cells, it maintains the structure of cell
Gives cells their structure and important for cell division, found in both cells
Power House of both Animal and Plant Cells
The cells 'protein factories; site of protein synthesis, found in both cells
Made of cellulose and provides support for the cell both cells have this
Where proteins are made contains ribosomes and found in both cells
Found only in Plant Cells, it captures energy from the sunlight
Surrounds cytoplasm of cell, lies beneath cell wall, found in both cells
Breaks down old cells, acts like a janitor and found mostly in animal cells
A Gel -like watery fluid in the entire cell found in both Plant and Animal Cells
Stores water, salt, and minerals and found in both cells