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France Cuisine

Sat used in France that is collected when seawater is trapped in salt marshes and the water evaporates from the sun and the wind.
This white vegetable lacks chlorophyll because the stems are buried under mulch, depriving the plant of sunshine.
Herb mixture that includes basil, bay leaf, marjoram, lavender, rosemary and thyme
A type of mushroom with a smoky, earthy, and nutty flavor.
A french word that is often used in America that means "putting everything in place".
Plant related to the onion with an elongated, cylindrical bulb.
A prominent chef who created the "mother sauces".
A historic french cooking with elaborate and rich dishes that call for lots of butter and cream that are labor intensive and most suited for trained chefs.
Fish is usually purchased this way including the heads to identify the type of fish purchased.
This type of French cuisine is lighter, using more vegetables and fewer high-fat ingredients, with simpler techniques and shorter cooking times, as well as an emphasis on ingredients that are seasonal and fresh.