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Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle

A point in the story where information about prior event or characters are revealed.
Words and phrases that appeal to the five senses.
Concern for the suffering and problems of others.
Perspective or an outlook/belief.
The turning point of a story.
An idiom is an expression that takes an a figurative meaning when certain words are combined which is different from the literal definition of the individual words.
A difficult problem.
The events that make up the story.
The message or moral of a story.
Form of speach of a particular region of people.
Where the story takes place.
Extremely large.
The use of images or objects to represent an idea.
Hint at events or actions that will take place later in the story.
A process characterized by constant change.
The opposite of what is expected in an event in a story.
Attitudes and feelings of an author or speaker toward a subject.
Feelings the reader gets from reading the authors words.
A readers conclusion/ prediction based on textual evidence and prior knowledge.
Spoken or written conversation between characters.