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Weathering and Soil Formation

Teacher: Mrs. Dunn
Type of weathering in which rock is physically broken into smaller pieces
A loose layer of shedded plant leaves on top of the soil.
The organisms that break the remains of dead organisms into smaller pieces and digest them with chemicals.
Layer of soil that differs in color and texture from the layers above or below it.
Dark colored substance that forms as plant and animal remains decay.
The grinding away of rock by rock particles carried by water, ice, wind, or gravity.
Process that breaks down rock through chemical changes
The second layer of the horizon (B) that consists of clay and other particles washed down.
Soil that is made up of about equal parts of clay, sand, and silt.
Loose, weathered material on Earth's surface in which plants can grow.
Process that breaks down rock and other substances at Earth's surface.
Material is full of tiny air spaces that allow water to seep through it.
Pieces of ice in rocks widen and deepen in cracks.
Top of the horizon (A) made of crumbly, dark brown soil that is a mixture of humus, clay, and other minerals.
Movement of rock particles by wind, water, ice, or gravity.
Solid layer of rock beneath the soil.