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The Mortal Instruments City Of Bones

Teacher: Sophie Arslani
Where Jocelyn wanted to go for the rest of summer.
Who helps Jace kill the demon in the storage closet?
What color is Jace's hair?
What bit Clary?
Someone who does not belong in a particular group and lacks imagination.
Where did Jace take Clary when she was bit?
To be honest and direct.
Helping others.
A binding agreement.
Clary's bestfriend.
The name of the club that Simon and Clary went to
To abandon or give up on something.
When something is certain to happen.
Who can't Jocelyn contact?
Who does the demon in the closet claim to know information about?
What is Jace that only her and other people of that kind can see him?
Where does Jace first take Clary to eat?
Being Human.
Lack of respect.
Where is Bane?