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Honors Science

The rate of adiabatic temperature change in saturated air; the rate of temperature change is variable, but it is always less than the dry adiabatic rate.
An instrument designed to measure relative humidity.
The temperature to which air has to be cooled in order to reach saturation.
The energy absorbed or released during a change in state.
The ratio of the airs water vapor content to its water vapor capacity.
The change of state from a gas to a liquid.
The process of converting a liquid to a gas.
The rate of adiabatic cooling or warming in unsaturated air; the rate of temperature change is 1 degree Celsius per 100 meters
The process by which an agent of erosion loses energy and drops the sediments carrying; also the process by which water vapor is changed directly to solid without passing through the liquid state.
Any form of water that falls from a cloud.
The conversion of a solid directly to a gas without passing through the liquid state.
The state of air that contains The Maximum quantity of water vapor that it can hold at any given temperature and pressure.
A general term referring to water vapor in the air but not to liquid drops of fog,cloud, or rain.