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Pep Band 2016-17

Direction at measure 32 of Low Rider.
Last name of the composer - NOT arranger - of Night On Bald Mountain (Stadium Jams #4)
Nickname for My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark.
Stylistic markings on the first two notes of Smoke On The Water.
Location of the company that holds the copyright for Crazy Train.
Style indications for medium and high winds at measure 30 of Funkytown.
Band that recorded Let's Get It Started.
I Love Rock and Roll is to be played in a heavy _______ rock style.
Song written by Eric Clapton and two other people (Lawrence's favorite).
Dynamic markings at measures 52 and 53 of Thriller.
This section is featured at measure 31 of Monster.
Tempo marking for William Tell (Stadium Jams #2)
Last name of the PERCUSSION arranger for I Love Rock 'N Roll, Moves Like Jagger, and My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark.
Publisher of Cupid Shuffle.
Stylistic marking on the last note of Any Way You Want It.
Band that recorded Still Into You.
Movie that featured Shout It Out.
Time signature for Seven Nation Army.
Band that recorded My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark and Uma Thurman.
Dynamic marking at the beginning of All The Small Things.
Artist who recorded Firework.
Technique required at measure 3 of Uptown Funk (for everyone except tubas and percussion).
Direction at the end of measure 48 of Go Northwestern Go - no abbreviation.
Style Indicated at the beginning of Apache.
Band that recorded Steal My Girl.
Dynamic marking at measure 28 of Give Up The Funk.
English meaning of the Italian description for Dies Irae (Stadium Jams #1)
Dynamic marking at measure 13 of Hot Hot Hot.
Last name of the arranger of Crazy Train, Let's Get It Started, Pour Some Sugar On Me, and Thriller.
Rhythmic figure on beat one of Mars (Stadium Jams #3).