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Weather Puzzle

An invisible line that goes through the center of the Earth, at 0 degrees latitude.
The way Earth's surface is positioned north or south if the equator
A strong funnel cloud that drops down from a severe thunderstorm
Gray, low-lying and sheet like clouds that often produce rain or drizzle
A layer of gases that surround the Earth.
A mix of frozen precipitation and liquid that form as a solid and fall down on to earth.
A boundary between two different air masses that usually ends up in a storm.
Fluffy clouds that develop mid level
Water droplets that are visible at colder temperatures and they can from in many different shapes, sizes and types.
A shaking on Earth's surface.
The average weather conditions in an area during a certain season or in a certain place.
A period of time when there is no rainfall in a region.
The way Earth's surface is positioned east or west of the equator
When water, moving ice, precipitation or wind wears away the Earth's surface.
A heat source that is responsible for most of Earths weather