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Vocabulary Units 5-8 Review

A feeling; a sense; understanding gained without thinking
To make holy or sacred
To permit or approve of an action
To recommend; to write or speak in favor of a cause
Strict in manners of religious or moral conduct
Miserable; dreadful
To make widely known; to spread
To occupy the mind completely
Deep; deeply thought or reasoned
Easily understood or clear
The act of making better or improving
Serving a useful and positive purpose
To consider carefully or thoughtfully
Extreme joy, leading to contentment
To make better or more valuable
To annoy greatly
To cancel an effect or render it harmless
A very strong belief or opinion
Conforming to a standard of right or good behavior
Not effective or legal
To not do something by choice
To protect from wasteful loss
To inspire friendly, affectionate feelings
An alliance of people, parties or nations
Lonely, abandoned, sad
The act of keeping something in good health or condition
To recover or buy back
To demonstrate that something is right or fair
To admit the truth, existence, or reality of something.
To maintain or support in the face of possible opposition
To discourage; to upset
The act of making something richer or better; improvement
To pay
The feeling of sharing the suffering of another
Bad-tempered in a quiet, gloomy way
Overwhelmingly joyful; intensely delighted
To provide a basis of support