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TKAM Week 2 Vocabulary

I am proud to say that Tennessee is my ___________.
When Ms. Rainey took her new nursing job, she realized the ______________ was working long hours without a break.
Because the soldier had saved his entire unit, the president gave him _________________ for his wartime crimes.
After the dog had become ___________ to the constant kicking, he stopped fighting back and laid quietly on the floor.
She was a ___________ woman, volunteering all of her free time to charitable organizations.
As a rule, I tend to avoid ______________ types of conversation which might lead to an arguement.
You must be ___________ if you hope to sneak inside without being noticed.
Surrounded by tall skyscrapers, the three-soty apartment building looked ______________.
Because we did nothing but sit in the hotel room, our vacation was ________ an uninteresting.
My uncle is a _____________ man who wears the same outfit several days a week.