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Elements and Principles of Art

The way that our eyes perceive reflected light.
A defined area.
A selection or assortment of a given Element(s) in a work of art.
The way that the chosen Elements and Principles are working to create equal distribution in terms of visual weight.
A three-dimensional shape.
The purposeful arrangement of Elements and Principles of Design in a work of art.
The way the Elements of Design are used in a composition.
Repetition of one or more of the Elements.
Lightness and/or Darkness in a work of art.
The way that the Elements of a work relate to each other and/or support each other.
The outline of something.
Use of Elements to create the illusion of motion, or a visual path.
The basic components of Design.
An emphasis or area of interest. Where your eye ends up, not necessarily where it begins.
Opposite qualities of Elements set against each other.
A commonality among Elements and/or technique that makes them look like part of the whole.
A mark made by a moving point.
The way that the Elements are used to make an area stand out in a work of art.
The quality of a surface.
A combination of Pattern and Movement in a work of art.