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Pg. _____ Chemistry Vocabulary Words Crossword Puzzle
Bond formed when atoms share electrons
Negatively charged particle
Combination of two or more substances in which each substance keeps its original properties
Exists before a chemical reaction starts; left side of equation
At atom or compound with a net charge
Center of an atom
The specific location where a substrate binds on an enzyme
A substance dissolved in a solution
Process of breaking chemical bonds and forming new bonds
Positively charged particle
Substance that releases hydroxide ions when dissolved in water; higher than 7 on pH
Substance that releases hydrogen ions when dissolved in water; less than 7 on pH
Substance formed by a chemical reaction; right side of chemical equation
Bond in which atoms share a hydrogen atom
Bond formed between two oppositely charged ions
Pure substance with only one kind of atom
Energy needed to start a chemical reaction
Catalyst found in living things that start chemical reactins
A group of atoms held together by a covalent bonds
Reactant in a chemical reaction
Atoms of same element that have different numbers of neurtrons
When two or more atoms join together
Substance that speeds up chemical reactions
Molecule that has one side negative and the other side positive charge
The substance in which a solute is dissolved
A mixture in which one or more substances are uniformly dissolved in another substance
Particle without a charge
Measure of concentration of H ions in a solution
Mixture that can react with an acid or a base to maintain the pH within a specific range
Building block of matter