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Plants: Inside and Out

Connects the blade with the stem and is an extension of the xylem and phloem tubes of the stem.
Controls all the cell's activities
Large storage area in the cell filled with fluid that holds food
The basic unit of all living things
The structure in a cell in which food is made
The jellylike substance in a cell that fills much of the cell.
Part of a plant that is the main support of the plant above ground and connects its roots and its leaves.
The reproductive part of a flowering part. Inside this is where seeds are made.
The tough outer covering of a plant cell that gives it a rigid shape
Grows out of the stem and is the food making factory of the plant.
Connecting tubes that carry water and minerals from the soil upwards
Xylem cells that form new layers of growth on a tree trunk every year that shows how old a tree is.
The broad, flat part of a leaf
A thin layer that surrounds all cells and allows water to pass in and out of the cell
Tubes that carry nutrients from the leaves through the stem and down to the root.
The underground foundation of a plant