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Cell Organelles

Teacher: Mr. Swope
________ are the things that make organisms what they are. They carry all of the information used to help a cell grow, thrive, and reproduce.
While cell membranes might be around every cell, ________ made of cellulose are only found around plant cells.
All cells are contained by a _________ that keeps the pieces inside.
______ ___ looks more like tubes. Said to look "Smooth."
Small organelles, similar to hair, but smaller. They move and help to provide movement for the cell.
Helps to form the structure that allows a cell to hold its shape, move itself, and move its organelles.
______ ___ looks like sheets or disks of bumpy membranes.
All of the microfilaments and microtubules combine to form the _________ of the cell.
Cells need to make proteins. When a cell needs to make proteins, it looks for ________.
A whip-like structure that allows a cell to move.
______ is the fluid that fills a cell.