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Units 1-3 Vocabulary

A likeness
Food for horses; raw material for a designated purpose
To make a mess of
Sudden and violent, but brief
A difficult or perplexing situation
Lacking in restraint
To soil, stain, tarnish
To make up for; to repay for services
Average, ordinary
Scattered fragments
To incline to beforehand
To make fun of rudely or unkindly
Not regular or consistent
Difficult or impossible to read
Brief and to the point
A split, break
To make, manufacture
A bandit, robber
To steal in small quantities
To overcome, rise above
Foreign, strange
To tease
To pardon or overlook
Not genuine, not true, not valid
To seize and hold a position by force
To caution or advise against
To wipe out
Bringing in money; profitable
To reproduce, increase
Loose in one's morals or behavior
To strengthen
A follower; supporter
A raider, plunderer
To conquer by force
Famous, outstanding
To drive out by magic
A deliberately deceptive move