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Author: Clara Sun
Another word for greatful
You might invite these people for thanksgiving dinner
This fruit is very popular if you put it in pie
If you do this year after year it is called a ---------
What does the turkey say?
Thanksgiving is a -------
This fruit can be made into a sauce
This is a popular meat for a thanksgiving dinner and it begins with a "h"
These people started thanksgiving
This is like a stuffing but it starts with a "c"
You put this on your mashed potatoes
Another word for a dinner
Farmers put this out to scare crows away from their plants
You need a lot of these to make a thanksgiving dish
These people helped set up the first Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving lands on what day of the week
A popular thanksgiving dessert
This veggie can be mashed to make another tasty dish that is eaten with gravy
You stuff stuff your turkey with this
You can put this type of decoration in the middle of your table.
Thanksgiving falls in this month
It is the main dish of meat at thanksgiving dinner
This is a popular veggie that you eat at thanksgiving dinner it begins with a "S"
Some people like to whip this on their piece of pie
In the fall farmers ------- veggies for us to eat
You can put these up for thanksgiving to make your house look pretty
The pilgrims sailed one of these boats
This special event is preformed in New York every year
This is a type of bread and it is made out of corn
In the fall you see a lot of these, the are very colorful