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Kindergarten and First Grade Review

White marking on the muzzle
Reddish brown body with the same color mane and tail
Mixture of white hair, sometimes dapples, will get lighter as the horse ages
Wide white stripe down the middle of the face
Removes dried mud and loosens shedding hair
Makes the horse's coat sleek and glossy______ brush
Black from nose to tail
Area including the nostrils, chin and mouth
Joint of the hind leg
Used to pick out the horse's hoof
Narrow white stripe down the middle of the face
Coarse brush used for grooming a horse
White marking between or above the eyes
Point between the ears at the top of the head
Base of the mane where the neck and back join
Runs from the withers to the loin
Brown to reddish with black points
Brown on the entire body
Works out tangles in the tail
Muscled area from the poll to the withers