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Weather & Climate Vocab 1

Teacher: Mrs. McCoy
The temperatures and precipitation for a particular area over a long period of time
Clouds that form at high altitues
Results when wind speeds exceed 56 km/h and the temperature is less than -7 degrees Celsius
A type of air mass that builds over land
The deflection of winds caused by the rotation of the earth on its axis
Air masses that form over northern Canada that brings cold temperatures
An instrument used for measuring air pressure
Form in high-pressure areas with cold, dry air that spiral out in a direction opposite to cyclones
Masses of water droplets or ice crystals located in the troposphere
A measurement of force exerted on a given unit of space by the weight of air
Clouds that usually form at mid-latitudes that are fluffy and associated with fair weather
Spinning air masses that form when cool air swoops in to replace rising warm air in a region of low pressure
A cold air mass that overtakes a warm air mass
Air masses that occur in the summer and form over Mexico bringing hot air
Begins on September 22 or 23
A physical phase change from the property of gaseous matter to liquid matter
Tiny drops of water that form as water condenses
The air that surrounds the Earth