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The Disobedient Man of God

Where did the prophet who prophesied to the altar come from?
Along the way, a _________ came and mauled the man of God.
Your memory verse was __________ 1:8-9
The sign that the prophesy of the man of God would come true was that the _________ would break and the ashes would pour out.
Good king that the prophet prophesied about. Would destroy worship of Baal.
When the king tried to order his soldiers to seize the prophet his ______ withered.
King of ten tribes of Israel. Worshipped Baal.
The old prophet gave the man of God his _________ to ride home.
The old prophet said an _______ appeared to him and told him to invite the man of God to his house for food.
The old prophet buried the disobedient man of God in his own ___________.