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H Biology :D

Loss of a species
Increase in Earth's average temperatures due to increase in use of fossil fuels
Variety of genes
concentration of harmful substance increases as it is passed in the food chain
mixture of chemicals in the air, gray haze
Transport of organisms into new habitats, reproduce quickly, take over
Where the population lives or "range"
Is the movement out or decreases of the popualtion
Is ruining homes of animals world wide
Harvesting "fish" faster than they can reproduce
The number of individuals the environment can support
The movement in or rise of the population
There are four parts of this word
Is the study based on countries
The Study of human popualtion
The amount of rain precipitation around the year
any necessity of life
The variety of organisms
wearing away of surface soil
The amount of individuals a area and the size of an area
wise management of natural resources
How many births, deaths and movement in or out
Acidic rain