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Science Crossword Puzzle

Tendency of an object to resist change in motion
A imaginary line that passes through Earth at the North and South, the Earth spins on this
Large pieces of rock or dust in space
The earth does this when it makes a revolution around the Sun
Less darker part of the moons shadow,also has umbra in it
When the new moon blocks your view of the Sun
When the Sun is far away from the Northern and Southern hemisphere
When it cast a shadow by going between the Sun and a third object (has two types)
The rise and fall of ocean water that occurs every 12.5 hours
Movement of one object around another
A force with attracts all objects towards each other
Two factors combined to keep an object in orbit
When the Sun and moon are on the same side
Spinning of the Earth on its axis
A paper or papers that tells you the order of dates in a year
Hardend rock caused by lava crators
A tide with the least difference between a high and low tide
Large round pits on the moon
The darkest part of the moons shadow,it is cone shaped
People who study the moon,stars,and other objects in space
Different shapes of the moon as it moves around the earth
When the Sun and moon is on different sides of the Earth
A tide with the greatest difference between low and high tides ( this word has a season in it)
When the Sun is directly overhead at the equator