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Biology/Chemistry Vocab

Chemical bond that involves the sharing of electron pairs between atoms.
A molecule composed of hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen.
Proteins that act as catalyst and help complex reactions occur everywhere in life,
A measure of how acidic or basic water is.
Organic compounds containing amine and carboxyl functional groups.
A group of atoms bonded together
The basic unit of matter
The conversion of a vapor or gas to liquid.
Large complex molecules that play many critical roles in the body.
A complex organic substance present in living cells
An attraction between molecules that are the same.
A substance that decreases the activation energy needed to start a chemical reaction.
The lock is the enzyme and the key is the substrate
Process In which monomers release water molecules as byproducts.
small molecules, that can join with other similar molecules to form polymers.
A weak bond between two molecules resulting from an electrostatic attraction between a proton in one molecule and an electronegative atom in the other.
Sweet tasting carbohydrates of sugar
The attraction among molecules of different substances.
Transfer of valence electrons between atoms.
each of more than one hundred substances that cannot be chemically interconverted or broken down into simpler substances and are primary constituents of matter.
Large molecules necessary for life
a chemical compound that is made of small molecules that are arranged in a simple repeating structure to form a larger molecule
class of organic compounds that are fatty acids or their derivatives and are insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvents