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Italian Renaissance Theatre Review

What invented cir. 1455 which allowed more and more of the increasingly literate middle classes to read?
Name Albertino Mussato's Latin verse tragedy modeled after Seneca’s "Thyestes" cir. 1314.
Name the first opera produced in 1594 in the palace of Jacopo Corsi.
What form of theatre came into prominence in Italy after 1550 and played to all kinds of audiences in all kinds of places?
This commedia dell’arte stock character, also known as Harlequin, was usually the faithful servantof one of the male lovers, and was very clever and resourceful at making sure his young master got what he wanted.
What scenic system required flats to be placed in grooves attached to the stage floor at bottom and another set of grooves at the top?
This commedia dell’arte stock character was the Braggart Soldier Plautus had created, who usually turns out to be a hopeless, cringing coward.
Name the capital of the Byzantine Empire taken by the Turks in 1453, which prompted monks and scholars to bring many classical manuscripts back to Italy.
What word means, "the belief that man is the measure of all things"?
This commedia dell’arte stock character was the young female lover’s servant --feisty and clever, she was often the object of Harlequin’s hopeless affection
The male and female lovers, and were usually the only commedia characters who played unmasked
Name the comedy written in cir 1518 by Machiavelli, which is one of the best known comedies of the Italian Renaissance.
How many acts were generally found in plays during the Italian Renaissance?
Who is considered the "Father of Humanism"?
What do you call the Italian pieces performed between each of the 5 acts of Renaissance comedy featuring scenic spectacle and tricks, music and dance?
In what year did the Papacy Returns to Rome from Avignon., bringing prestige and wealth back to Rome?
A word meaning "rebirth"
Name the author of Dell’Architettura – an interpretation of Vitruvius’s De Architectura, written in Rome cir. 16-13 b.c.e.
Picture long poles attached to the rear of flat wings, at the stage level supporting the wings, at the level below attached to the chariots.
Name the oldest surviving Renaissance theatre.
What concept of the Italian Renaissance meant "Interest in the ancient 'rediscovered' classics"?
Who wrote the detailed manual, published in 1638, on theatrical effects and how to accomplish them?
What do you call a the Renaissance play form, which attempt to interpret the ancient Greek satyr play?
This commedia dell’arte stock character was a merchant with a large hooked nose mask, a black coat and red pantaloons – the father of one of the lovers, often, or a suitor to one of the young women – unsuccessful, of course. 
What is the basic meaning of "verisimilitude"?
Stock physical bits in commedia dell’arte.