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Zentangle Animal 9th grade art

What are the visual building blocks that are used to create a work of art known as?
The materials used to create an artwork
Refers to the range lightness or darkness of a color
A mark with length and direction, created by a point that moves across the surface
The two lines one drawn vertically and the other horizontally on your large paper before drawing your animal is a large type of ____
A line of boxes filled with patterns of increasing values
The paint we used to add color in the background of our artwork
How light or dark a color is
Created through a successful combination of principles of design and elements of art. A sense of wholeness and oneness in a work of art Also known as harmony in a work of art
The type of pen you used to permanently zentangle your animal artwork
Shapes found in nature can be referred to as
Area filled with multiple Abstract patterns is called ____
What takes up 70% of your zentangle animal artwork
The small practice drawings done before your final artwork to prepare and organize space
The repetition of an element in a work of art, such as stripes, dots or zig-zags