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Spelling List #9

Move quickly to avoid being hit
A covering held up over something
position of the body when standing or sitting
Look on someone's face
Soft indistinct sound of people talking at a distance
Act of stopping something from happenig
A blowing apart of something
A momentary or partial view
A fence or other object that prevents passage or entrance
To take something away
To remain in one place in the air
Hard, but likely to break or shatter easily
A cave
A heavenly or celestial being
Get off a ship or airplane
Difficult to understand
A time to come
A covering for the face
a group of similar things positioned close together
To incorporate in a liquid to make a solution
Something yielding gain, usually financial
Be sorry for something you said or did
Obey the rules
Misbehavior; devilish behavior
To hide in ambush