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"CELLebrate Biology

Alex Fry
October 24th, 2016
My organelles have membranes.
They are the "battery" of the cell.
The whip that gets the cell moving.
There are no membranes to bind my organelles.
My tube like cisternae can be rough or smooth.
The sensitive eye lash that can get you moving.
The match maker that links amino acids together.
The guard that selects what goes in or out of a cell.
The organs are to our body as the _____ is to the cell.
The smallest unit of an organism.
Found in plants; these organelles are like solar panels.
My enzyme can really break it down!
The cells "UPS"; packaging up protiens and sending them where they go.
The tough outer protective layer of a cell.
Where you would find the DNA and RNA of a cell?
If the cell was a fish tank, ____ would be the water.