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Education of Teachers

The teacher that had to receive some kind of college education in Europe to become a teacher was a _____ _____ school teacher.
_________ entered the teacher preparation business around the 1900's.
State teacher colleges had a name change to ______ colleges because their programs were expanded beyond just teacher education, and became a multipurpose institution.
The ______ in high school students created a need for teachers to be highly educated in a particular academic subject.
Colonial elementary teachers only had an ________ education.
The academy established in 1751 in Philadelphia by Benjamin Franklin was built with the intent for the _______ graduates to become teachers.
Parents educate children at home.
Each state had teacher certification requirements.
Normal schools offered a ____ year teacher training program.
In 1438, William Byngham requested first formal teacher training to the king of _______.
Teachers that only had to have been a student themselves in order to become a teacher were _____ elementary teachers.
The first teacher training institution was ______ College.
Immigrants that came to America and had their trip paid for, were called ____ ______, many of them became teachers to work off their debt.
Normal schools compensated for the growth in student attendance by expanding their curriculum to include _______ teacher-education.
In 1823 the first teacher training institution established in the United States was known as a _____ school.
The Goddeshous college provided the idea to schedule classes so _______ teachers can attend.
Colonial teachers were also called ______ to the minister.
_______ ____ was instrumental in establishing the first state-supported normal school, which opened in 1839 in Lexington, Massachusetts.
As normal schools extended their programs to four years they began granting _______ degrees.
Most normal schools did not require a ____ ____ graduation for entrance until about the 1900's.
The length of the teacher education program was lengthened from two years to ___ years.
Normal schools went through a name change in the 1930's to ____ ________ colleges.
Some colonial teachers learned their trade by serving as an _______ to the school master.
William Byngham suggested providing student _______ experience.
State universities now provide _____ degrees in a wide range of fields.