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Chapter 4 Food Science and Technology

Restores nutrients that were lost in processing to near original levels.
Also called "juice boxes", consist of layers of plastic, paperboard, and aluminum foil.
Genes are removed from one organism, such as a plant, animal, or microorganism, and transferred to another.
Foods made from an inexpensive source and processed to imitate a more expensive food.
A genetic copy of an organism.
Adds a nutrient that is not normally found in the food.
The scientific study of food and its preparation.
The study of the physical world at all levels.
Foods that provide health benefits beyond basic nutrition.
The study of ways to make space and equipment easier and more comfortable to use.
A mixture of carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen is inserted into the package before sealing to slow bacterial growth.
A product developed as a substitute for another food.
The practical application of scientific knowledge. Technology is science in action.
Flexible packages made of aluminum foil and plastic film.
Foods made to imitate actual foods.