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World Geography: Review, Chapters 1-5

A climate with very cold winters and very hot summers, with little precipitation
Laws and customs people live by
The native people of Canada
How high above the sea level a place is
A person who is related to a certain group of people
A stretch of lowlands between mountains
A law or act that limits imports or puts special taxes on them
A climate from southeast Alaska to northern California that has mild, cloudy summers and wet winters
A thick area of trees in the Tropics where a great deal of rain falls
Off or away from land in water
An area of land at a low altitude with a hot average temperature
A climate that is hot all year round and has a wet and a dry season
How far east or west a place is from the prime meridian
A group of people sharing the same habits, language, and ancestors
An area of land that is neither too hot nor too cold
Bordering on or being near the sea
The languages, religions, customs, art and dress of a people
A system of building, using, and distributing wealth and resources
A city and its suburbs
A vast city made up of many cities, one right next to another
A Christian who does not belong to the Roman Catholic branch of Christianity
An area of land at a high altitude with a cold average temperature
A person who has both native and European ancestors
A large group of related families