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Unit 4 Crossword Puzzle - The Law of Sports Injury

An act of commission where lawful conduct is performed but done improperly
Tyoe of immunity specific to those who attempt to aid another person that was put into a dangerous situation
Violation of the direct evidence
Condition that protects defendants from tort actions because of their relationship with the plaintiff
The plaintiff is found to be part or totally responsible
A legal liability arising when a person does not perform an action that ought to be taken
A private wrong
An obligation recognized by the law requiring a person to conform to a certain standard of conduct for the protection of others against unreasonable risks
Brings the lawsuit
Essential in an emergency
An act of commission where conduct is performed that is wholly unlawful
Plaintiff has voluntarily consented to assume responsibility for injury
A legal liability arising when a person commits an act that is not legally his or hers to perform
Failure to do what a reasonably careful and prudent person would have done
Actual losses that are considered compensatory
A federal regulation that place strict limitations on the release of personal health information