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Louis Riel Memorial Celebration

The gun used against the Metis at the Battle of Fish Creek and Batoche
The language mixture of French and Cree is know as
One of the predominant ways of decorating Metis clothing.
The month the Battle of Batoche started and ended
What was the first name of Louis Riel's First Lieutenant?
The historical site where the last battle was fought by the Metis.
The name of the Prime Minister that held office at the time of Louis Riel's execution.
Batoche is located on this Saskatchewan river.
Worn by the Metis as a belt
Was hung for treason on November 16, 1885
The annual Saskatchewan event celebrating national Metis heroes and unique Metis culture
The name of the ship that was involved in Saskatchewan's inland naval battle.
What was the title of the federal government's land agreement used to extinguish Aboriginal title to Metis homelands?
These kitchen items are used my the Metis as musical instruments.
Last name of Riel's first Lieutenant
Flour, lard, baking powder and water are the four main ingredients of this.
What vehicle did the Metis use to transport goods over both land and water
A unique dance created by the Metis.
Although he was elected to the House of Commons he was never allowed to take his seat. How many times was Louis Riel elected?
Traditional musical instrument used to play the Red River Jig.
What was the last name of Louis Riel's executioner?
Dried meat and berries mixed with fat is called.
What is the last name of the Metis author who wrote the book "Halfbreed"?
Louis Riel was considered to be one of the "Fathers of __________".
What animal is on the Saskatchewan Metis flag?
What is the first name of the Metis author who wrote the book "Halfbreed"?
13 meter long boat invented by the Metis for carrying furs and trade goods.
Louis Riel's wife's last name was Marguerite Monet dit
What were the men of European descent who were working in the fur trade called?
A person of mixed ancestry, First Nations and other is considered to be a _____ person.
What was stolen as a war trophy at Batoche
What was Louis Riel charged with?