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25 Astronomy Terms

The brightness a star looks from earth
The path of an object as it revolves around another object in space
The shape that the planets orbit
Rocky objects revolving around that are too small to be considered planets
An object whose gravity is so strong nothing an escape.
A loose collection of ice,dust and small rocky particles
A meteoroid that enters earths atmosphere
The inner layer of the sun that gives off visible light
The imaginary pattern of the stars
The second stage of a stars life
A meteoroid that hits earths surface
A huge group of single stars, groups of stars, star clusters, and gas and dust bound together.
A device that is used to observe distant objects
A dark area of gas on the suns surface cooler than surrounding gasses
The force that pulls an object toward another
The brightness of a star if it was seen from earth
A chink of rock flying through space
The brilliant explosion of a dying supergiant star
The type of galaxy that we live in
The middle layer of the earths atmosphere
A type of star after a large/ massive stars supernova
What small/ medium star becomes after the planetary nebula
The tendency of an object to resist any change in movement
The cloud that is a spherical region of comets that surround the solar system
A large cloud of gas, dust, spread out in immense volume