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A large volume of water flowing a certain direction
Movement of air caused by differences in air pressure
Warm air mass moving into a place cold air mass
Fall or Autumn
A cold front takes over a warm front
Warm air rises and cooler air sinks
Round path that is oblong or oval shaped
Change of temperature that occurs as a result of the Earth's tilt on its axis
Earth's axis inclines the southern hemisphere towards the sun
Air mass with less pressure than surrounding air masses
Air mass with greater atmosphere pressure than the surrounding air
Northern half of Earth
Cold air mass that is pushing warm air mass
Large tropical weather system
When the tilt of Earth axis inclines towards the sun
Southern half of Earth
Object spins on its own axis
Boundary between two air masses where the masses are not moving
Imaginary line that goes through the center of the Earth
Object moves in a path around another object
Leaning to one side or the other