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Myth & Culture

Animal that Actaeon was turned into as a punishment.
God who gets stuffed into a bottle.
A cultural item that is transmitted by repetition and replication in a manner analogous to the biological transmission of genes.
Hermes is the God of ___.
The preposition 'ad' can mean 'towards' or '___'.
Had 14 children. Talked smack. Had 0 children.
Gigantic animal that killed the hunter Orion.
Brother of Ephialtes.
Thought she could weave better than Hera.
Number of cattle Hermes sacrifices.
'Hurry Slowly'
'Now' or 'Already'
Monster that guarded the Oracle.
Number of cattle Hermes steals.
Mother of both Apollo and Artemis.
Father of both Hermes and Apollo.
'I am'
Hunter that Artemis liked and got along with well.
Had the bad luck to see Artemis bathing in the woods.
If you put 'I' in the accusative case.
'he is'
Animals which Hermes steals from his brother.
Hermes is the ___ of the Gods.
In Latin, 'in' + acc. translates to 'into' or '___'.
What Niobe was turned into after she lost all her children.
Animal that pulled Apollo's chariot.
Preferred weapon of the twin children of Leto.
'them', masculine.
Artemis' favorite activity.
Mountain where the Gods live.
Location of the most famous Oracle in Greece.
Number of major gods in the Greco-Roman pantheon.
Instrument which Hermes invents.
'you do'