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Plants and People Test 2

Lipids' major role in plants, store ____
Flowers and fruits grow directly on the _____ and branches of cacao trees
The Aztecs used cacao beans in __________ and as currency
Two plant foods that are rich sources of shorter-chain omega-3 fatty acids. ____ seeds and ______
The ancestor of corn was a wild grass called _______
A single section (Sac) of a blackberry or raspberry is called a _______
Cacao was originally domesticated on the eastern slope of the _____, mostly for the pulp that surrounds the beans
9,000 years ago corn was domesticated in southern ______
An ______ plant is a fast growing, short-lived plant that you have to plant every year
_______ are cacao nibs. Chocolate liquor is the result from grinding cacao nibs
________ results in the rich color and full flavor of cacao beans
The type of tissue makes up most of a corn kernel
_____ Acids (Cocoa Butter) make up more than 50% of a cacao seed
______ seeds are the part of a cacao plant is used to make chocolate
____ is one of the best food source for long chain omega-3 fatty acids